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Fascinated by global issues, diplomacy, and foreign policy? The world is becoming more and more connected, and those with the ability to move, 说话, and work confidently in a complex international relations environment are well-positioned for the future.

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Take 32 credits per year to finish your international studies degree in four years.

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Learn 关于 the World in Class, at Internships, and Abroad

St. 凯特的 international studies majors gain an understanding of political and economic structures in the various cultures of the world and in different historical periods. 学生 will study these structures from a variety of perspectives. Through these courses, you’ll master the complexities of the contemporary, global world.

International studies major courses are drawn from the disciplines of economics, 历史, and political science. In addition to common course work in these disciplines, each student will select a particular theme, including Social Justice and the State; Women, 性别, and Human Rights; or Global Flows (of capital, 人, 的想法, and technology) to inform their course work.

You’ll complete a required substantive off-campus experience from the following: a study abroad experience, an internship with an internationally-oriented organization, or an internationally-related independent study with a fieldwork research component. 通过这个, you’ll experience the world and see the global connections in our own local communities.

学生 studying out on the 法律n on campus
职业生涯 in International Studies

With a degree in international studies from St. 凯特的, you'll be prepared for careers in

  • 政治
  • 政府
  • international affairs or foreign service
  • 法律
  • 非营利组织
  • 业务
  • 新闻
  • 广播
  • 教育 or teaching
  • non-政府al organizations